By purchasing you will gain access to the current and past releases of Dank Mono.
Additionally you will receive free updates to all future releases as the font is being improved.
The current price of the font is subject to change as more releases become ready.

You're permitted to use the font for any non-commercial and personal purposes, at one licence per person. People who're viewing the font temporarily without the font being redistributed are exempt. For commercial purposes you need to buy a separate commercial licence.

You can find out more by reading the EULA.

  • The font currently features a “Regular” and an “Italic” style in a single weight
  • It comes with a few ligatures for the most common coding operators
  • It's semi-manually hinted and optimised for Retina displays, tested mainly on macOS and iOS
  • The recommended font-size is approximately 14px, depending on your preference
  • It supports the Western, Eastern, Central and Southern European Latin charsets
  • It features a couple of special terminal symbols, like blocks and arrows
  • ...also it's the font that is used throughout this website!



Price (£ GBP)
Dank Mono – Personal licence
= 40.00£

Payment details

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*by purchasing you agree to the EULA.